4 Ways to Earn from Multiple Income Streams Through Your Blog

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Blogging can be an excellent source of income, provided you know how to do it right and which streams of income to use. These days, you no longer need to be limited to just one stream - AdSense. Everyone wants to learn more about affiliate marketing. Why Not earn while you learn?. Here are four techniques on how to increase your earnings from multiple streams of blogging income:

Mix and match ad programs.

There are a variety of advertising programs you can choose from, including Adsense, TLA or Text Link Ads and Adbrite. Not all ad programs will work with your blog, so find out which ones are a perfect fit. Provided you have the right audience, choose the correct link advertisers and write quality content, you can use ad programs to increase your blogging income from multiple streams.

Promote and sell your own products and services.

If you have products or services to sell, why not do it from your blog? You could earn a nice, regular income by simply having a service page as a supplement to your main blog page where your readers can view your products and do business with you. This is a great way to increase your blogging income because all the earnings go to you directly. However, it’s important that your products and/or services complement your blog’s theme or your selling efforts would go down the drain.

Get sponsored.

If your blog contains excellent information and quality articles on a subject that companies can benefit from, you can increase your blogging income through direct sponsorship. Say for example your blog is about digital photography. If you have all the right images, content and traffic, a digital camera manufacturer such as Nikon, Ricoh or Canon might pay you for placing their ads on your site or even joining their ad campaign.

Direct sponsorship can even occur on blog posts, where sponsor companies pay bloggers to write articles on topics related to the companies’ products and services. If you do this regularly, you can earn an excellent income.

Install paid job boards.

Think Darren Rowse’s Job boards and other popular blogs with job boards such as Lifehacker and TechCrunch. But the key to earning a decent income from this method is to build your blog’s traffic first.

Remember, no monetization effort will be successful if your blog does not have enough content and does not receive a significant amount of traffic yet. So, work on your blog posts first and market your blog before thinking of bigger things.

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