Bachelorette.Com - How To Make Money On Penis Pinatas

Submitted by Dmitri Davydov on Sun, 2007-09-30 12:28.
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Bachelorette.Com is most known for it's 'Original Penis Pinata'. The company is the world's leading supplier of bachelorette party supplies and merchandise. Unlike traditional retailers, carries items that adult women want to include in a bachelorette party. These items are not typically available in stores, as they are too risque.

Ever since the inseption of the company, it has become a huge hit among over 40,000 party planners, who used the service to create a night no one forgets.

Want more creative ideas from the marriage industry? How about Name Change kit from KitBiz.Com? This is downloadable software that lets married woman (or divorced ones for that matter) fill forms to change names for Drivers License, Social Security, Vehicle Title/Registration, Voter Registration, US Passport, Banking/Financial records, Vehicle Lease or Loan, Credit Cards, Insurance Records, Medical Records and Employment Records.

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