Burger King Coupon - Free $25

Submitted by Dmitri Davydov on Mon, 2007-04-09 11:13.

Here is a quick update about Burger King coupon I wrote about - apparently there is even better deal - free $25 gift card for Burger King. I've got no clue how long they plan to give away these for, so you better grab yours quick.

By the way, here is some interesting Burger King trivia

Burger King has been the second largest burger chain in North America, behind McDonald's, however, Burger King's revenues and market share have been declining. As soon as early 2000s, Burger King fell to a near tie for second place with Wendy's. Burger King kid has been closing under-performing stores and changing its marketing strategy in an attempt to turn its fortunes around. In fiscal year 2002, the firm had US $11.3 billion in total sales.

Today there are more than 11,220 Burger King outlets in 61 countriesof which over 60% are located in the United States. Over 340,000 employees work at Burger King, including now famous Burger King retard.