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What: Interactive cooking community
Who: Jennifer Beisser of ChefsLine Where: New York City
When: Started in 2006 Startup Costs: $61,000

Jennifer Beisser, who had a demanding job doing nonprofit community work, found she had little time to spend in the kitchen. Beisser, 39, started wishing she had professional help, which would motivate her to cook more often. Her big idea came on Thanksgiving Day while listening to her husband talk to his chef friend on the phone. Beisser began to wonder if getting cooking advice could always be that simple. 

In 2006, Beisser quit her job and devoted her full attention to launching ChefsLine, a subscription-based company with a mission to empower everyday people to become their own personal chefs. Through ChefsLine, members receive cooking and menu planning advice from professional chefs, either by phone or over the internet. "[Americans] are super interested in food, but that doesn't mean we can get food on our table," says Beisser. "We need to sit down together as families and enjoy that time." 

With a dietitian, a nutritionist and even a wine consultant on staff, Beisser's aim is for ChefsLine to be able to help with any cooking question or party planning need. For $15, users receive 30 minutes with a live coach online or over the phone, and for a $34.95 a month membership, they have unlimited access to the hotline and can even take a cooking class by webcam. The website also allows members to post questions for the staff.

In the future, Beisser hopes to expand internationally, adding chefs from other countries to the current staff of 25. With about 500 calls per month and a growing membership, 2008 sales projections are more than $200,000. Overall, Beisser loves that cooking no longer has to be a huge production. "I can now whip out a dinner party in a minute," she jokes. "It's 9:30 at night and I haven't cooked yet; I pick up the phone and know I'm going to have a really fun conversation."

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