Elmo Live - Free Elmo TMX, Play Free Elmo Game

Submitted by Dmitri Davydov on Tue, 2007-04-03 10:47.

I've been told that as a part of Elmo Live promotion they are giving away free Elmo TMX. Basically, they ask you some question and then follow up with more question, like if your children would like to play free elmo game or not. But I did get my Elmo, so I'm happy

What gets me is that all these Elmo controversies  Can you imagine that people believe that Elmo's characteristic of referring to himself in the third person will teach children improper English usage? Oh and get this - In January 2006, controversy surrounded the book "Potty Time With Elmo" when a mother reported that pressing the buttons caused Elmo to say "Who wants to die?" or something of that nature. The dumbass did not know that Elmo is saying "Who wants to try?" but the low quality of the sound chip makes it difficult to distinguish consonant sounds. Anyhow it never bothered me if my kid wanted to play free Elmo game online.