For TreeGivers.Com, Money Does Grow On Trees

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In a town in northern New England a small group was gathered for a memorial service for a family member. It was suggested that a tree should be planted as a living memorial for the deceased. That is how it started in 1981. Known as Lofty Oaks Association, the company grew rapidly representing the funeral industry nation wide. Shortly more and more companies and individuals alike were asking to have trees planted on their behalf for special occasions.

That is when the founders, Leslie Dreier and Bruce Hadlock started TreeGivers. TreeGivers was developed for a new market of businesses and for the public consumer. With steady growth it wasn't long before they out grew their location and needed larger accommodations. They found the answer in a century old farmhouse. In keeping with their conservation initiatives, Bruce and Leslie have carefully preserved the exterior of the 100-year-old farmhouse much like the original. The interior has been updated to contain the newest in processing equipment, while still maintaining some old New England charm including the original working fireplace.

Today this restored farmhouse contains the corporate offices and the dedicated staff of both TreeGivers and Lofty Oaks Association. We have planted hundreds of thousands of young trees on public lands in all 50 states of the United States and in the International Tree Planting countries as part of their reforestation programs. Since we began our program in 1981, we have always endeavored to find youth groups to be involved in the plantings. We have enlisted Scout groups and 4-H Clubs from all over the country in this effort. Naturally, experienced nurserymen or national foresters guide them in the planting. In other states, the trees are planted by professionals with special consideration concerning the species and best growing locations.

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