How To Make Money Running Errands For Others

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Many people are just too busy these days for their own good — and that’s fine with Mandy Leeuwen.

The White Marsh resident has opened BizEBodies, a business doing odd jobs that the over-scheduled can’t get around to.

The 26-year-old woman, who holds a degree in public relations, has hired an employee to assist her after just eight months in business.

For advertising, Leeuwen said she has used the consumer Web site Craig’s List, releases to local newspapers and her Web site to generate a clientele of 20 weekly customers and others on a less-regular basis.

She estimated her active roster at 60 accounts.

She does chores like walking dogs, scanning business cards into a computer and picking up dry cleaning from the Washington suburbs to the Baltimore area. Her charge is $25 per hour, including travel time.

“I cater to high-end people, people who are willing to pay me that for whatever they need done,” she said.

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