How To Make Some Serious Bling With Hip-Hop Jewelry

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Ages: 25 (Liberman), 24 (Gershon) and 25 (Levich)
Location: Chatsworth, Calif.
2006 Revenue: $5 million
Employees: 16
Year founded: 2000

Just before graduating high school together in 2000, Gershon and Levich started selling hip-hop-style watches and jewelry on eBay.

As hip-hop lovers themselves, the two quickly found a following of other consumers hungry for accessories. With their success on eBay, Gershon and Levich started their own retail website,, with offerings ranging from LED belt buckles to chains and faux-bejeweled pimp cups.

Liberman, another high school pal, joined up in 2003 and helped his friends launch the company's wholesale division -- Hip Hop Wholesale. Today, their merchandise has been used in promotions for Miller Genuine Draft and The World Series of Poker.

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