How To Name Your Products So That They Sell Faster Than Crack Cocain

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In high school, I was in a play 'The Importance Of Being Earnest'. I thought it was about character. Turns out it was the guy's name. Anyway, mail-order veteran MelvinPowers once told me the most important thing about a book is – the title.

Some titles are so powerful you can get something just by looking at them even if you never read the book. Think And Grow Rich. Magic Of Thinking Big. Tony Rubleski's new book: Mind-Capture Advertising. You say, well, that's right, I need to think! I need to think bigger! I need to advertise in a way that captures their attention and interest.

Some titles brilliantly convey the much desired promises of speed and simplicity. One-Minute Manager. (Wanda Sykes said she'd dated the author of another book in that series: One-Minute Lover). Some titles convey superiority. Ultimate Sales Letter. Ultimate Marketing Plan. Some convey an attitude or a position. Renegade Millionaire System. No B.S. Marketing Letter.

But this does NOT just apply to books or info-products. Or titles on free reports or other literature offered in lead generation. It actually applies to all sorts of things.

Names of businesses. Budget Rent A Car's name conveys a position. Avis and Hertz don't, so I think more work is required to link those businesses with a position in the public's mind.

Product names. I was always proud of a weed killer product I named: Kills Weeds Dead. (I took it from Black Flag, a bug spray with the ad slogan: kills bugs dead. Seemed to me the slogan was better than the name.) Hef's Playboy was a much better name than Penthouse.

Menu item names in restaurants. Homemade meat loaf. I've noticed at the grocery store I shop at, there are two kinds of macaroni salad sold at the deli counter – Melch's and Grandma's. My informal survey says: everybody chooses Grandma's.

Ways guarantees are said. Bottom-of-jar satisfaction guarantee vs. satisfaction guarantee. Marketing 'things.' Free recorded message or Free Recorded Consumer Awareness Message.

If you're going to put a title on something – your book, your product, services, process, entire business, guarantee, offer - you should give some thought to what you want the title itself to convey, to telegraph.

Dan Kennedy,

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