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For the perennial traveler or the cost-conscious businessman, cheap air fares are a life saver. If you're one of the two, or simply somebody who might need to travel by air at any point in the future, you probably have heard of Expedia, CheapFlights and Orbitz, three popular online ticket sellers that can get you what you need in the most economically appealing way.

Just like the three aforementioned sites, startup JetRadar recognizes the fact that the most significant transformations to date in the field of air travel are low-cost airlines and online ticketing. But what makes JetRadar different is that the company is out to push the potential of these innovations even further. Expedia, CheapFlights and Orbitz may get you cheap airline tickets. JetRadar, on the other hand, aims to get you even cheaper tickets.

And how is JetRadar supposed to do that? JetRadar is a meta search engine that functions as a fine-tooth comb that sifts t hrough exclusive deals that are available only through individual airline websites. Airlines aren't in the habit of divulging their best deals to third-party websites because they don't want their customers comparing prices with competitor airlines, lest they lose potential sales to peers. By making deals available through their corporate sites only, they have developed some sort of a tactic that conditions customers to go straight to their sites if these customers want cheaper-than-cheap deals. JetRadar is putting a stop to this practice by making these exclusive deals available to the public.

The service was originally launched in smaller geographies such as Russia. And because of its success, it is branching out to Hong Kong and Thailand this year, in addition to a central global portal that will be competing head-to-head with other cheap air fare providers.


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