Marketing Through Psychic Connection

Submitted by Dmitri Davydov on Fri, 2007-09-14 12:58.
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Most of us barely know our next door neighbor, yet we email our buddy in the UK once a week.

Isn't that funny?

As planet earth has become wired, where you live becomes almost irrelevant. I live in Chicago; could just as easily operate from Vancouver or Sidney Australia or a farm in Western Nebraska. What you're INTERESTED IN drives everything.

Oh, the vast spectrum of things that people are interested in. One of my favorite things to do when I go to the bookstore is grab four or five magazines about things I know absolutely nothing about - say, "Tatoo" or "American Cinematographer" or "Cooking With Paula Deen" or "Corvette Fever." I sit down with a cup of Joe and peek into those worlds.


Each represents a community, a language, a marketplace, a passion. The people who inhabit each of those worlds have secret handshakes and rituals, special meeting places, certain rites of passage.

The smaller that world is, the stranger and more cultish it turns out to be.

Now.... if you truly and intimately understand any one of those worlds, you can say the right thing and members will instantly recognize you as an insider. Like, literally in ten seconds they recognize that you're "one of them."

Here's an example of that: If I were to hold up a ring in front of my face and whisper with desire:


...anybody who's seen the Lord Of The Rings movie will recognize - oh yeah, that's Gollum lusting after the Ring.

Now let's say you're sitting on a plane and you see a hippie looking guy with a Tolkien book in his hand and you say, "We waited inside Old Man Willow until Tom Bombadil sang us out of there."

Well that's a line that's in the book (not in the movie) that ONLY a hard core Lord Of The Rings fanatic would recognize. You say that one line and there's an INSTANT bond. It represents volumes of shared knowledge, shared experience.

That's your secret password. You are now known to be a member of the 'club.' A quiet, morose guy becomes animated. Hours of conversation ensue. You're from the US, he's from the UK, and you email each other once a week for the rest of your life. He invites you and your family to his kid's Bar Mitzvah.

If you truly speak their language - if you actually CAN write a page in their diary - it doesn't take a whole page. A mere sentence or paragraph will be enough to arrest their attention. Maybe it only takes one single word or phrase! When I talk about 'entering the conversation inside the customer's head', that's what I mean.

Your ability to succeed in your market has more to do with this than anything else. Most of the marketing projects I've tackled in the last 5-10 years have hit pay dirt. My batting average is well above .500. But you must understand that the biggest reason for that is, I only went into markets that I already had lived in.

I only tried to sell to people that I had already been.

Which is why so many marketing messages and advertisements seem artificial and sterile - because the people who write them are just taking their briefcase to work and 'doing their job'. They're not connecting with anyone's passion or angst. They're merely spouting techno-latin. They spew words like "innovative" and "ROI" and "core
competency" and "data management solution" and nobody knows what anybody is talking about. Nor do they care.

But if you understand your customers with that psychic connection, then the marketing part is pure mechanics.

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