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If a friend tells you he’s trying to send a 4GB video file to you as an e-mail attachment, you probably already know what to expect: no 4GB video file hitting your inbox anytime soon. Being too large, the attachment can be rejected, or worse, your friend may experience file upload or Internet speed trouble somewhere along the way and simply choose to give up. In other words, the cons far outweigh the pros.
Now, if your friend is using a smartphone to send the file, he doesn’t have to go through the laborious typing-and-attaching game given that there is a more effortless option in the form of a file-sharing app for smartphones called Bump. With over 100 million downloads to date, Bump has made photo, video and contact information exchange between two users a whole lot easier with a bump – yes, a literal tap or bump of their phones.
But what if you’re some kind of a germaphobe and don’t particularly relish the idea of tapping phones with a stranger?
The guys at Xsync came up with an application that makes use of existing technology – specifically, your phone’s camera – to transfer files. With a patented technology called OMS, or Optical Message Service, Xsync allows data and file transfer via QR codes, eliminating the need for Bluetooth, e-mail attachments and near-field communications.
According to co-founder Bryan Leeds, the idea for Xsync hit him and the rest of the Xsync team while trying to share several pictures stored in their phones. Attaching the pictures in e-mails wasn’t an option for the simple reason that they didn’t like it. Bluetooth posed connectivity concerns. And with the Bump app, being a group of germ-haters, bumping phones wasn’t a welcome thought. What they wanted was be able to move files between phones, minus the use of another app, and sync them directly into their private cloud.
So far, the greatest hurdle they had to overcome is people’s general resistance to QR codes. Despite the growing usage of QR codes, a lot of people still perceive them negatively.
Currently, Xsync is being bootstrapped. The team, however, acknowledges that to take the app to the next level, sooner or later, they would need help with funding.

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