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Link of the day - Who Is Shawn Casey? Is He For Real?

In Seinfeld parlance, T.J. Shanoff and Brad Spirrison were winter friends. While attending Chicago’s Latin School, the two hung out together. But every summer they split up to go to separate camps in Wisconsin to be with their summer friends.

Now they’ve teamed up to create a Web site,, where everyone can be year-round friends.

Since its start last September, 2,500 camp alums have registered, most to find old pals, though some have used it to organize reunions. Shanoff, 34, a music director at Second City, and Spirrison, 33, president of Midwest Business, a Chicago Internet service, expect ad revenues to hit $250,000 in 2009. They spent $35,000 to get the venture started.

Are the entrepreneurs happy campers? “We’re ecstatic campers,” says Shanoff.

[Via -BusinessWeek]

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