Are you a ‘niche collector’, like us? Seriously, we love niches. We first got interested in AdSense niches five years ago, when we accidentally found out that you can make either $0.02 or $2.42 per click. The difference? Topic of your article. So right away, we started wondering – what’s the most profitable Adsene keyword(s) out there? Then we stumbled upon unusual business niches. Then we found out that a lot of people are looking for a good website niche (aka profitable website niches) to start their business. So we decided to start a niche website that covers nothing but profitable (crazy, unusual) niches. If you are a nicheholic, you’ll love

How To Create An Umbrella That People Will Line Up For

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American industrialists try to build better mousetraps, but northern Europeans apparently need better umbrellas. The SENZ Umbrella has been designed to directly fill a need - to prevent a strong wind from turning an umbrella inside out. The SENZ team has redesigned the umbrella to be both stronger and more aerodynamic. The asymmetric shape keeps the rain from hitting the face, and it acts as a weather vane to help reorient the canopy for maximum protection. The SENZ Original opens up to about one square meter, and the Mini folds down to a typical handbag size.

The Biggest Marketing Sin You Can Commit

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10 Cool Online Home Business Ideas

I see this mistake every day of the week.

It's not just beginners who make it and believe me, I've made it too - and long after I should have known better.

If you want to know what the mistake is – and remember it so that you never make it yourself - the answer is in the question and staring you right in the face: "marketing."

AdSense Bid Gap Or Why You Should Never Display All Ad Units Google Allows On One Page

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Free Marketing Videos - SEO, Affiliate Marketing And Social Networks

Google allows up to three AdSense ad units (plus one adlink and one Google search box) on a website at any one time. In most cases, it is best to run the maximum three - the more ads you show, the higher the chance it will catch a reader’s eye. However, there are times when having less ads could make you more money. This is caused by something known as the Google Bid Gap.

What Is The Bid Gap

The bid gap is the difference in price between the Google ads. The top spot always cost the most, with each lower position costing less and less. The gaps between the top four bids are normally very close. However, once you get pass that, the gap can widen substantially. For example, the bids on a high paying keyword might be $5.00, $4.99, $4.98 and $4.97 for the top 4 spots, and then 10 cents for the fifth spot. There is only a 1-cent gap between positions 1-4 but a $4.87 gap between positions 4-5.

The Single Greatest Copywriting Success Secret

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I was born cocky.

When I was 17 years old, running a Baumfolder in a printing plant for $1.60 an hour ($64 a week; $3,328 a year -- before taxes!) – I was absolutely convinced I could write more compelling copy than I saw in the direct mail packages they had me working on ...

At 23, as I slaved over a hot IBM Selectric at an L.A. agency for $15,000 a year, there wasn’t a doubt in my mind that my sales copy was by far the strongest stuff in the mail – probably the hottest copy anybody had ever written in the entire history of the direct response industry, period ...

How To Get 100 Checks Coming To Your Mail Every Month

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How To Sell Reports

How To Make Money Naming Domains

I'm a big fan of creating multiple streams of passive income. My personal goal is to have at least 100 checks coming in each month from a variety of sources.

Just like a mutual fund, it is better to have LOTS of people giving you money than just one or two. This way if one of the sources dried up, you're not screwed.

My last event in LA I used an example. I asked people in the audience to shout out some of their payments that they have to make each month.

Why People Raised With A Silver Spoon In Their Mouth Seldom Develop That Fire-In-The-Gut Motivation.

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I have now lived long enough, survived enough adventures, and observed enough other clueless people get a clue… that I can safely say everyone has a handful of moments in their life that shape who you are and how successful you will be.

Most of these life-changing moments involve some sort of crisis or problem. Finding true love is great… but it’s now you handle heartbreak, for example, that really defines you.

Nearly every super-successful entrepreneur I’ve met started out dead-broke, too. People raised with a silver spoon in their mouth seldom develop that fire-in-the-gut motivation necessary to achieve great things.

How Do You Franchise THAT?

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Home Business Ideas

One of the most frequently asked questions that I hear, especially coming from my more entrepreneurial clients, is, “Why would anyone ever buy this franchise?”

This question is usually followed by a series of observations. “Anyone could do it.” “There’s nothing to this business.” “I don’t think this business can be franchised.” And of course, the final underlying question, “Why wouldn’t someone simply do this themselves?”

Their concern is a valid one. Some concepts are simply not well differentiated. Moreover, some of them have low barriers to entry.

Direct Selling: Dreams And Reality

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This is how I took 4 vacations last year. 

Direct selling of products such as cosmetics and cookware may not be the easy path to riches. But the flexible hours have made this the work of choice for some 14.1 million Americans, most of them women.

Though there are those who earn six-figure incomes from selling person-to-person or through the home parties that characterize this business, that is more the exception than the rule. More typical of the $30.5 billion industry, which includes names such as Avon, Tupperware, Amway and the Pampered Chef, is part-time or occasional involvement in distributing the products to friends, family and acquaintances. For many, it's a way to earn a bit of extra money during the holiday season or when households are pressed for cash.

How To Become A Super Affiliate And What Is It Anyway?

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The easiest low-cost homebusiness in the world

Over the last few days I have been getting pounded by IM’s and emails from AM’s (affiliate managers) and brass from networks, most of whom I’ve never even heard of. Why? God only knows. I think someone dropped my name and email info in an atricle or post somewhere, but I have yet to find it and have them remove it. The reason they are after me? Not because of my forum or blog, but because I am labeled as a super affiliate. But what is a super affiliate really? And why is this label being thrown around more and more than ever before? Because it’s the spot that every affiliate wants to be in, and that every ad network wants to attract into it’s network.