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GoogleCash - The Pros And Cons Of GoogleCash Like Business Model

Submitted by Dmitri Davydov on Mon, 2007-03-26 10:26.
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Get IP address location
Real estate & stocks
International phone cards 

The first time I heard about Chris Carpenter's "GoogleCash" I thought it was the silliest thing I'd ever heard of.

What's GoogleCash?

It's the world's fastest instant business, really.  It works like this:

1) You go to a website that pays commission when visitors you send there buy, and you sign up for their affiliate program

Don Stott On Making Money With Gold

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Everyone wants to 'make easy money,' as far as I can see. It's a universal pastime and goal. The question I have, is how does one make money? Can you make money by starting a business? Some can, but most new restaurants fail within the first year, unless they are a franchise.

Franchises seem to do well, because the issuer of the franchise won't sell one unless they have done traffic counts, approve the location, median income of the area, competition, etc. Starting your own, has no franchise fees, and no percentage of the gross to pay to the franchisor, but then, you have no proven name or instructions on how to operate, menu prices and content, equipment and ingredients furnished by the franchisor which makes it work efficiently. I have had two restaurants, non-franchised, and they worked very well, but oh the work!

AdSense Superstars - Who Makes Most Money With AdSense

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Idea of the day - Coupons For Godaddy

The following is a list of the Internet’s eight biggest Google AdSense publishers. The information was compiled from interviews and articles found on the Internet. Whenever possible, I list the source of the information.

Why Marketing Is A Process, Not An Event

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You write an ad and bid on a keyword.

Someone sees your ad on Google.

She clicks. (And Google whacks your credit card,for 10 cents or a buck or ten bucks... whatever.)

She looks at your website for, say, 10 seconds.

"Nah, that's not what I was looking for," she thinks. Or "Too expensive, I'm going to look somewhere else." Or "Too cheap, must not be any good." Or "That's nice, maybe I'll search again next week." Or "These guys really don't have what I'm looking for" -- even though you have *exactly* what they were looking for, they just didn't spend enough time to see that.

Five Cool Things You Can Get For Free

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Quick note - these are available to US residents exclusively. 

1. Free $500 Southwest Airlines Gift Card

Yep, free $500 to fly with Southwest Airlines. You'll probably have to pay airport taxes and fuel surcharges, but free $500 is still a great offer.

2. Free Girls Gone Wild DVD (First Timers).

The good folks from GGW want to give you a free Girls Gone Wild DVD/ They hope that you'll get hooked and buy more stuff from them.

3. Free Tax Software

Why long term memory has a long term marketing effect

Submitted by Dmitri Davydov on Fri, 2007-03-23 14:21.
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I have a lot of glaring faults, and very few advantages in life… but the one advantage that has helped me the most in my career has been my memory.

I’m no savant. I often forget why I came into a room… the names of even close friends often disappear from my mind like smoke in front of a fan… and if I hadn’t mastered the art of making lists, I’d be one lost and startled puppy during the workday.

No — it’s my long-term memory that has served me so well. It’s not like I could tell you what I ate for lunch forty years ago on this date (that kind of specific memory recovery apparently happens to some people as they age, though). But I CAN tell you what it felt like to be, for example, a teenager in the early spring of 1968. Not just the sixties, mind you — 1968 specifically, with all the events and Zeitgeist of that particular year.

Is 'Anyone Can Do It' Just A Marketing Schtick?

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Any time someone says to you, "Absolutely anybody can do this" you need to hang on to your pocketbook.

I do not believe that "anybody can do..." any specific thing. At least not to a level that the world is going to richly reward.

Let's take some of the stuff I teach. Can anyone build a Google campaign, write ads that get clicks and make their CTR's get better and better with testing?

Sure they can.

Can anyone and everyone expertly build and manage $20,000 of clicks each month?

No. At least I don't think so.

The extraordinarily successful people in the Adwords game are the ones who somehow 'crawl inside' of the campaign and feel what all those numbers and columns mean... who are able to sense what those visitors are clicking on and why. They can look at somebody's ad campaign and in 10 seconds know whether it's put together right, or not. Those are the ones who manage $10,000 or $100,000 of clicks every month and make it profitable.

How Display URL Influences AdWords Campaign CTR

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I'm working with a startup company right now and we've been testing URL's in our Google ads.  In one particular group the best one brings us sign-ups at $2.03 per opt-in and the worst one is $6.01.  And the ONLY difference is the URL. 

The worst one is the original name of the company.  Because of this test the entire direction of the business has now changed.

Once at Ken McCarthy's System seminar someone told a story of someone who created this word-association experiment using banner ads just before Valentine's day, and they figured out that the #1 unmet need in the marketplace was women who wanted a date on February 14 but couldn't seem to get one.

Maki Kaji - Japanese Sudoku Millionaire

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Will there be another puzzle craze after sudoku? Perhaps kakuro? What about nurikabe?

If so, chances are it will spring from a Japanese company called Nikoli, run by the self-proclaimed godfather of sudoku, Maki Kaji.

While no one knows how much revenue is generated by the global sudoku business, most agree it has easily topped $250 million over the last two years from an estimated 80 million devotees.

Nikoli received only a sliver of that money. Mr. Kaji says his private company, with just 20 employees, had annual sales of about $4 million.

What a Stinky Dog Can Teach You About Business

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I love my dogs.  I currently have two…a mixed breed collie/rottweiler type and a golden retriever.  Since the mixed is growing old, my wife and I are considering getting a third one soon…another golden.

My wife and I treat our dogs like children.  They run with us.  They play with us.  They cuddle with us.  The big difference is when you want to go out for the evening you don’t need a sitter.

“Whoever said you can’t buy happiness forgot little puppies.”
(Quote of Gene Hill)

With all their good parts, they also have a few negatives, especially when you live in the country surrounded by trees and farmland like we do. One of those negatives appeared very brightly yesterday.