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10 Awesome Startups You’ve Never Heard About

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New Yorkers who have a hard time keeping track of personal items now have one less thing to worry about. For a modest annual fee, NewYourKey keeps copies of keys in a secure storage facility and can deliver them right away if customers find themselves locked out. Keys lost in a nightclub at four in the morning? No problem! NewYourKey will deliver spare keys within an hour any time of day or night, wherever a customer happens to be.

Can't think of that totally awesome domain name for a new website? PickyDomains is a risk-free domain naming service that got a lot of publicity and ‘blogtalk’ in Europe lately despite being only two months old. This is how it works. A customer deposits $50 dollars and describes what kind of domain he or she wants. Domain pickers then send in their suggestions of available domain names. If the customer likes one of the domain names and registers it, the service gets $50. Otherwise the money is refunded at the end of the month.

The End Of News As We Know It

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When my father was drafted during World War II and dumped in Belgium just in time for the Battle of the Bulge, my mother and his first two kids (I wasn’t a glimmer in his eye yet) waited days for even a trickle of news about the war… and waited months for letters from Pop himself.

The news came in painfully slow trickles. First rumors, then snatches of broadcast bulletins on the radio, then a newspaper story that may or not have been accurate… and in none of this was even a prayer for specific news from or about Pop.

That kind of no-news existence is just hard to imagine now. Online, I can watch stories develop just by refreshing my Google homepage — really hot news is updated constantly, within minutes of dramatic fresh input.

Weird Business Startups - Smashing-Plates.Com

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Fascinated with car number plates himself, James Newell decided there had to be an alternative to commission-based dealers. The solution came through his listings website, He reveals how he got started.

Tell us what your business does is the first dedicated online marketplace in UK for buyers and sellers of personalised registrations. We are don’t charge commission, we offer adverts for a fixed fee- with no relisting.

Why Trying To Use The Same One Road To Get Everywhere Is Plain Stupid

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Top 10 reasons to date a … anyone !

The problem with only using one single road to get anywhere is that in the end, even though that road may be considered the best for you at that point – things change. You will wake up one day and find that road has been discontinued or someone’s put a road block up or put a diversion in place.

And yet this is what I see all too many website owners do and I’ve been down that one, single road myself. And when it gets shut off or narrowed it hurts.

The most common single road that people use and rely on exclusively is search engine traffic, or more specifically – Google traffic.

Haunted Places Spark A Spookie Business

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Two Minnesota men have found their niche in the travel market by taking groups to scary haunted places. Dave Schrader of Circle Pines and Tim Dennis of Burnsville are leading groups on trips to haunted hotels and spooky cruise ships.

The two started an online radio show called "Darkness Radio" in January 2006. Within a year, their weekly broadcasts had made them celebrities among fanciers of otherworldly mystery.

They then began asking the stars of T-V shows about the supernatural to cohost weekends at haunted destinations.

Five quotes from advertising genius David Oglivy to improve your copy and your results

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Personalized Baby Blankets

Here are five Ogilvy quotes - great reminders of what you need to do to turn a profit with your copywriting:

The Care And Feeding Of Your Future, Without The Soap Opera Drama And Trauma

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Online Business Ideas 

Back when I started out in advertising… and even in the first year or so of my freelance career… I had to concentrate to remember exactly what “direct response” meant in the term “direct response advertising”.

Because a lot of the clients and agencies I worked with were oblivious. They understood the concept of advertising – you tried to persuade people to buy your cool new product.

How tough is that to be clear on?

Forget about making a Million . . . Make enough to Pay Your Gas Bill!

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I've gotten so sick of speakers at conferences who want to show you how to make a million dollars. They talk about how great they are and then ask you to invest obscene amounts of money and they will "give you the secret" to wealth and riches.

Will someone PLEASE tell people to STOP buying from these people? I would prefer you learn how to make an extra $250 a month. After you do that you can replicate the process and make MILLIONS next year, OK?

It's like mutual funds. Rather than own ONE site that is brining in all the cash, why not have a few hundred sites each making $250 each?

Florida Man Sells Mug Shots

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Rating of best online games
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America loves a good mug shot. The more frizzed, frazzled and frantic, the better. An Orlando entrepreneur has seized on that fascination, recently starting “JAIL,” a weekly newspaper filled with nothing but the unflattering thumbnails. Page after page, with only a few ads in between.