Are you a ‘niche collector’, like us? Seriously, we love niches. We first got interested in AdSense niches five years ago, when we accidentally found out that you can make either $0.02 or $2.42 per click. The difference? Topic of your article. So right away, we started wondering – what’s the most profitable Adsene keyword(s) out there? Then we stumbled upon unusual business niches. Then we found out that a lot of people are looking for a good website niche (aka profitable website niches) to start their business. So we decided to start a niche website that covers nothing but profitable (crazy, unusual) niches. If you are a nicheholic, you’ll love

Why Clueless Marketers Are Terrified Of The Web

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If you’re an entrepreneur or small business owner… and you’ve been earning a few bucks online using any of the tactics you’ve learned from me (or any of the other veteran marketers online)… then pat yourself on the back.

You’re doing something that many “mainstream” businesses haven’t yet figured out how to pull off.

And… if they continue to ignore the basics of direct selling (which you’re taking for granted as necessary for profits)… they won’t be “mainstream” much longer.

They’ll be extinct.

Bye bye.

Here’s what I’m talking about: The Web has “officially” become the Number One source for advertising for many of the culture’s biggest advertisers — a year earlier than predicted. Gazillions of bucks that used to be channeled through “traditional” media (newspapers, magazines, direct mail, television, radio, etc) have now been measurably diverted online.

The Biggest Secret To Successful Copywriting There Is

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In the 33-plus years since I created my first little piece of direct response sales copy, I've written considerably more than a thousand direct response ads, television spots and mail pieces.

Because nearly all of them were direct response promotions, each produced an easily measurable and almost immediate result. And over the years, as I studied those results, my approach to strategizing and creating sales promotions began to evolve.

Today, my work process is very different than it was in those early years. My first thought is no longer about the product benefits or even the product's USP. Nor do I begin each project by thinking about all the rational "reasons why" my prospect should buy.

How To Cut Costs And Increase Your Sales

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In the last Success Marketing Strategy we talked about pricing and how most business people under price their products and services. Of course, fixing this problem is a huge source of profit improvement.

A second source of profit improvement directly linked to everything else we've discussed in these email is doing more business with each customer as opposed to obtaining lots of new customers. A lesson I've learned from the mail order business is that a buyer is a buyer is a buyer. It's infinitely easier and always more profitable to work at increasing the purchasing of your satisfied customers than it is to go out and add new ones.

Hitchster.Com - Taxi Ride 2.0

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Everyone loves New York, except for when they have to take a cab to or from the airport and it ends up costing almost as much as airfare. Which is why smart New Yorkers are starting to plan their airport commutes via Founded by New York attorney Terry Crawford and wife Gloria, is a combination of a social networking and a ride matching site. Hitchsters' software connects travelers scheduled on the same flight and living in the same area of the city so they can save money by sharing a taxi. Customers can also specify their preference for a male or female co-rider and make a new social connection.

How To Run A Business From A Yacht

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For most of his career, Neville Hockley has faced the tech headaches that confront the owner of any small design firm: finding time to read the hundreds of e-mails he receives each day and waiting for high-res graphics to upload. But in a few months he'll face a new set of challenges, such as preparing his workstation for an oncoming nor'wester or searching for a satellite signal off the Caymans.

For the past decade Hockley has worked ten-hour days building his i&D Media Group (, a New York City-based graphic-design company with eight employees, more than $3 million in annual revenue, and clients that include Discovery Networks and Hyperion Software.

Woman Entrepreneur - Banu Ozden (Smart Medical Consumer)

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When Banu Ozden, PhD, couldn't get a straight answer out of her health-insurance company regarding the cost of treatment options after being diagnosed with breast cancer, she got mad.

And as she went through the treatment process, she grew increasingly overwhelmed by the fact that the myriad of bills that were sent her way were filled with unintelligible codes and statements that didn't accurately reflect what she owed. She couldn't figure out what to pay--let alone if she was overpaying. When she finally sat down to sort through the mess, she discovered that she had overpaid by about $4,000.

So Ozden decided to get even by building a service that would help others by automating medical billing, tracking medical expenses, and detecting errors, so they could concentrate on getting well. She had already left her job at Bell Labs, where she had worked as director of research of computing systems, and had been frustrated that many of the inventions that she and her colleagues had worked on simply didn't make it to market.

Selling Celebrity Addresses Turns Out To Be A Killer Business Idea.

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Will George Clooney adore your hot product? Does Madonna need your new service? gives you access to the contact info of more than 54,000 celebs from the worlds of screen, music, athletics, politics and more--as well as info for their agents, production companies, charities, managers and publicists, giving you the best avenues to get in touch with your target star.

Best of all, you can try it out on the cheap: A week's trial subscription is just a buck, and then it's $19.97 per month, and you can cancel at any time. Because, you know, fame is fickle.

10 Awesome Startups You’ve Never Heard About

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New Yorkers who have a hard time keeping track of personal items now have one less thing to worry about. For a modest annual fee, NewYourKey keeps copies of keys in a secure storage facility and can deliver them right away if customers find themselves locked out. Keys lost in a nightclub at four in the morning? No problem! NewYourKey will deliver spare keys within an hour any time of day or night, wherever a customer happens to be.

Can't think of that totally awesome domain name for a new website? PickyDomains is a risk-free domain naming service that got a lot of publicity and ‘blogtalk’ in Europe lately despite being only two months old. This is how it works. A customer deposits $50 dollars and describes what kind of domain he or she wants. Domain pickers then send in their suggestions of available domain names. If the customer likes one of the domain names and registers it, the service gets $50. Otherwise the money is refunded at the end of the month.

The End Of News As We Know It

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When my father was drafted during World War II and dumped in Belgium just in time for the Battle of the Bulge, my mother and his first two kids (I wasn’t a glimmer in his eye yet) waited days for even a trickle of news about the war… and waited months for letters from Pop himself.

The news came in painfully slow trickles. First rumors, then snatches of broadcast bulletins on the radio, then a newspaper story that may or not have been accurate… and in none of this was even a prayer for specific news from or about Pop.

That kind of no-news existence is just hard to imagine now. Online, I can watch stories develop just by refreshing my Google homepage — really hot news is updated constantly, within minutes of dramatic fresh input.

Weird Business Startups - Smashing-Plates.Com

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Fascinated with car number plates himself, James Newell decided there had to be an alternative to commission-based dealers. The solution came through his listings website, He reveals how he got started.

Tell us what your business does is the first dedicated online marketplace in UK for buyers and sellers of personalised registrations. We are don’t charge commission, we offer adverts for a fixed fee- with no relisting.