Oldest Affiliate Program In The World

Submitted by Dmitri Davydov on Fri, 2007-09-07 11:50.
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I LOVE talking to cab drivers in Las Vegas because they are always open and there is really nothing you can’t ask them that is off limits. The last time I was in Vegas I was chatting with this cab driver and I was asking him how much they get for taking people to the strip clubs. He was telling us that he gets about $60 PER PERSON on average. He also said it was seasonal and the price fluctuated. He also went on to say that when a new club opens up they will pay as much as $100 a person and that will force the other clubs to pay higher to keep people coming in.

I was fascinated and kept on digging. I remember watching this show on HBO about the bunny ranch and I asked him if they got a kickback for taking people out there. He told us that “ranch runs” were the most profitable. “We get 30% of whatever the person spends while at the ranch and we get comped free drinks while we wait” the cabby told us. I asked him about other kickbacks and he said just about every hooker had a kickback system setup with cab drivers. Basically the cabby would get a kickback for recommending a certain hooker.

I just kept thinking to myself how remarkably similar this was to online affiliate marketing. Percentage payouts, 1 time payouts… seasonal flux, market imbalances, tipping points…. Just fascinating.

So if prostitution is the worlds oldest profession then that would make this the worlds oldest affiliate program?

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