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"The world is not going back to analog. We are going to be digital until the end of time." If startup's co-founder and CEO Shane Green is to be believed, indeed, the world of information technology is moving towards the cloud, and fast. is a Washington-based startup that aims to simplify the storage of personal data, such as passwords, alarm codes, birthdays, bank account numbers, credit card numbers, retirement account numbers, drugs or medications you or your loved ones are currently taking, security codes, passport numbers, emergency phone numbers, instructions on how to use a particular appliance, directions to and from your office, the list goes on and on. has come up with a cloud-based vault of sorts where users store bits of information about themselves in buckets, also called gems, and permissions are assigned on an item-by-item basis. The Android and web-based versions of the application have been available for download since November. The iPhone version was just added a week ago. The service is still in its beta release and is currently free. But the company is looking to implement a Dropbox-style model, where paid levels are to be added, the criteria of which are still to be determined, most probably usage.

Amid the ongoing digital privacy debate, Green emphasizes that his model can potentially change industries on a wide scale. The ultimate challenge is how to "get people to care about their data." Green and his colleagues are also looking to find ways for users to monetize the data they have in their hands, one of which is in the area of advertising and marketing.

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