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There are many guilty pleasures in life. Should wine really be one of them? After all, it's a featured drink in the Bible and heart healthy to boot.

I have to admit -- I like wine. I like it a lot. When I drink it, I get a little blush in my cheeks and a warm glow that makes the top of my head tingle. I get this from communion wine, but it also comes when I sip Pinot Noir and some Sauvignon Blanc.

Why do I bring this up? Because a hills mom has invented a nifty wine gadget that seems destined to succeed. It's a set of four stainless steel stemware holders that stick in the ground to balance your glasses.

Sue Hager is no stranger to the fruit of the vine. She and her husband have enjoyed many a glass of Chianti in their Trestle Glen home, not to mention other exotic places.

But it was a concert at San Francisco 's Stern Grove that really got Sue's juices flowing. She thought "wouldn't it be nice to set my glass down in a stable spot on the grass?" It wasn't meant to be that day, because her beloved beverage did spill all over her carefully crafted cheese plate. But out of that tragic experience, the Pic Nic Stic was born.

[Via - Contra Costa Times

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