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Finance gurus claim that a brand-new car loses about 20% of its original retail value after the first year. Even after being driven off the lot, as a matter of fact. Still, buying a used car is an investment and should be regarded with utmost consideration, especially since with some used cars, more than the initial amount shelled out, safety and hidden costs can be issues.

In the United States, CARFAX is perhaps the leading platform when it comes to conducting history checks on pre-owned cars. Information provided include vehicle registration, title information, structural damage, accident indicators, odometer readings, service and repair information, among a bunch of other things.

For most people, however, shelling out $35 for information on a car that they might not even buy can be a total waste. (TRY FREE coupon) thinks so, too, which is why for just a fraction of the cost CARFAX charges, you get the same car history report from David Wu, an ex-Googler and VinAudit’s founder, believes that vehicle history data should really be free, just like the rest of the Internet. His company isn’t quite there yet, but David believes that making vehicle history reports as inexpensive and publicly available as possible is a stride towards that goal.

Through a collaboration with NMVTIS, the National Motor Vehicle Title Information System, VinAudit provides easy access to a national database used by law enforcement agencies to fight car robbery in the U.S. This database contains information supplied by state DMVs, salvage yards and insurance companies. With, users can now be provided with instantaneous reporting on all available records linked to a VIN (Vehicle Information Number).

Depending on the user’s preference, the generated report can be exported as a PDF file, printed out or forwarded to an e-mail address.

If you’re a car dealer, you can sign up for a dealer account and get bulk vehicle history reports for as low as $20 per month or $1 per report. You can also participate in VinAudit’s reseller program as a hybrid affiliate or reseller. This allows you to sell vehicle reports under either the VinAudit brand or your own brand, including full custom integration of raw vehicle data over the Internet through API (application programming interface). 

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