10 Best Places To Go For Weird News And Odd Stuff

Submitted by Dmitri Davydov on Thu, 2007-10-11 11:56.
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1. Freakonomics blog

If you loved book Freakonomics, you'll love blog as well. Some entries are incredibly funny. Like Economics of Gold-Digging, for instance.

2. Uncommon Business Blog

This blog specializes in collecting stories about people becoming rich by doing weird things. Here is a story about woman who makes $40,000 a year by selling tumbleweed online. I'd like to thank Seth Goding for introducing me to this blog.

3. Best Free Documentaries

Oh my god, this is really something, if you are a documentary junkie, like I am. This blog browses through new documentaries on Google Video and YouTube and posts links to the most unusual ones. Most documentaries are leftist, progressive and anti-Bush (and sometimes brutally honest, like Stupid In America)

4. The Morning Call

This is a great odd news aggregator that updates very frequently. Today's great story is Woman Told to Ditch Bra to Enter Court

5. Madconomist

This is our sister publication that specializes in odd news about business and economics. All-time favorites include Simply Put, Smart People Don't Need An MBA, Dumb But Profitable. 10 Million Dollar Ideas That Shouldn't Have Worked and
Travelling salesman donates kidney to Idaho man he met during sales call

6. DumbCrooks.Com

I love dumb criminal stories. I just can't believe that people can be soooo stupid. Anyhow, DumbCrooks.Com is one of the oldest sites on the net with archives going back to 1999. Here is another good site on this topic.

7. Stunning-Stuff.Com

This site is very well catogorized and features odd news and weird facts as well. Did you know, for example, that Topless saleswomen are legal in Liverpool, England, but only in tropical fish stores.

8. Online Odditorium

Please be advised - the Odditorium Online contains mature language and subject matter. 

9. True Conspiracy Blog 

This one is really, really wacky. But if you are a conspiracy nut, you'll love it. Plus, occasionally it features great videos, like The Economics of the War on Terrorism With Milton Friedman or Steven Alan Hassan On Cults And Deprogramming

10. The Bondage File

This one is a classic that everyone knows about but I though I'd still mention it. 

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