10 Most Unusual 'Top 10' Lists

Submitted by Dmitri Davydov on Sun, 2007-11-25 12:59.
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1. 10 Books That Have 'Fuck' In Their Title

2. Top 10 Angry Comedians

3. Top 10 Dumbest Online Business Ideas That Made It Big Time

4. Top 10 Facts About Top 10 Facts

5. The Top 10 Weirdest USB drives Ever

6. Top 10 Weird Laws Of The World

7. Top 10 Google Video Documentaries You Have To Watch

8. Top 10 Odd College Courses

9. 10 Incredible Pieces Of Furniture Made From Used Bike Parts

10. Top 10 Most Strange Monuments

Ok, I admit the list is arbitrary, but I think that all of these Top 10 lists are pretty cool and entertaining.

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