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In every business there comes a moment when just sharing links to files on Dropbox becomes somewhat impractical. The most self-evident solution is to upgrade to Dropbox for Business. But remember – only fools rush in. So take a pause and before paying $15 for each team member every month (that’s a whooping $1800/yr for 10 employee company) and consider these free alternatives.


Free storage:  5 GB

Bitrix24 is more of an overall business solution. Using it only for file storage and sharing is like boiling eggs on a volcano. 

The free plan is ideal for small businesses with 12 or fewer employees (compare: Dropbox for 12 employees would cost $180 per month).

Bitrix24 has a convenient file access system: all the employees can be divided into groups and receive files according to their group affiliation and access level. Besides, there’s a document approval system, so that business workflows become more transparent. 

Documents can be created using desktop applications (MS office) or cloud apps (Google Docs, MS Office Web App). In document search is quite simple. 

Besides, you can plan you work, assign tasks, manage clients, exchange messages, do video conferences – nowadays it is called by a buzzword “unified communications”.  

Even the free plan offers 2-step verification with high level of security.

Google Drive

Free storage: 15 GB

Google Drive offers much space, but you should keep in mind that it’s shared between Drive, Gmail and Google+ photos. 

You can give access to folders and files and give different rights (can view, can edit, etc.) to your colleagues using their emails.

Few people know that the service also has a desktop client which allows to drag-and-drop files and synchronize them. And a set of mobile apps makes collaboration easy wherever you are.


Free storage: 2GB

SpiderOak might not offer much of a disk space, but it’s great for its security. It is known for its “zero-knowledge” privacy policy which means all the files are encrypted before they are uploaded, and the service has no access to encryption keys.

SpiderOak staff can’t even retrieve metadata such as the names or sizes of files; instead, they see sequentially numbered containers of encrypted data. Perhaps, the only risk is that you forget your password: it is also encrypted, so in this case you’ll lose access to all your data.

The service also has a desktop client which allows to upload, store and access documents.

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