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For the average Joe, reading through contracts and legal agreements can be a headache, mostly because of legalese that, to him, doesn't always make any sense. But a contract is legal and binding, and affixing one's signature without fully understanding what it contains (the fine print, most especially) can result in dire consequences. Hiring a lawyer to translate said document in layman's terms can be costly.

Contract Gurus is an Austin startup that provides fast and cheap contract reviews for families and businesses. Mike Kiamanesh, Contract Gurus' founder, is an entrepreneur, not a lawyer, who didn't always find the idea of spending money to hire a lawyer of his own appealing. Contract Gurus provides a hassle-free way to translate legal agreements and contracts into simple English, ensuring that the necessary information for clients to carry out informed legal decisions are captured.

To get started, clients either fax a co py of their contracts to the company or upload them online via Contract Gurus currently has more than 20 lawyers to review the contracts. A contract's contents will be summarized and important components color coded. Aspects of the contract that need to be revised will be highlighted in red. Depending on the rate, Contract Gurus provides a 24-hour turnaround.

The company's press release states that Contract Gurus supplies general contract information on frequently encountered legal issues. Kiamanesh emphasizes though that the service it provides isn't legal advice and there is no attorney-client relationship.

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