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Branding is an important first step in establishing market presence. Whether it be about your product, your service or your website, you definitely want something memorable for your company's image, something that represents your total brand. More often than not, however, creating a logo can be a tad too expensive when you're just starting up.

Regardless of your designing experience - whether that be extensive or none at all - Free Logo Services is an online platform that allows you to create your own logo in three easy steps:

1. Type in the text you want to appear on your logo. This may include your company's name, a slogan or catch phrase, or anything you think needs including.
2. Take your pick from the massive collection of designs they have available. You can also choose to customize your selected design - change colors, text attributes, size, layout and other facets of the design.
3. Once you've made up y our mind, you're ready to save your logo.

Take note that your free logo will only be saved for 5 days. At which time, you're free to make edits until you're completely satisfied with your personalized design. If you wish to download the original files for unlimited use, like on your letterhead, business cards and website, you can then opt to make a one-time purchase of AUD$39.95.

What's remarkable about Free Logo Services is that it's free, easy to use, no designing background necessary, and you only pay a nominal fee for a design you exactly so desire, much unlike hiring a local designer who may charge you hundreds, even thousands, and later get stuck with a design you're not exactly sure you like. Perhaps the only downside to Free Logo Services is the difficulty a person has to deal with when choosing one final design from thousands of options.

Judging by the more than 100,000 satisfied customers Free Logo Services has, the company sure kno ws what it's doing.

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