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If losing your belongings because of a hurricane, burglary, fire or other casualty is difficult enough, filing a claim with insurance companies who say you don't have something they need to be reimbursed for the loss can be totally infuriating, if not heartbreaking.

To address this problem, Jacob Israel and Mauricio Jimenez founded Miramar-based, a cloud-based inventory application that stores pertinent information about items in a client's home or business. Information stored in include the make of an item, model, photos, serial number, etc. These can be input into the system via your personal computer, an iPhone or iPad.

Having been broken into several times in a span of a year, Israel founded after going through the frustrating process of trying to make a claim and sent home empty-handed because he didn't have what was needed for the reimbursement.

Now that has finally launched its iPhone app and service early this year, in the event of a disaster, you can always log on to via your phone or computer to pull a complete report of your assets for filing with the authorities and your insurance broker. Being a South Florida resident, Israel fully understands the damaging effects even a tiny hurricane can inflict.

Subscription, which is dependent on the number of items you plan to inventory, ranges from free to $5 monthly. Currently, has over 2,000 customers – individuals with a few items to business entities owning hundreds of computers. Also, just recently filed affiliate partnerships with eight different insurance companies and brokers who will be offering the service to their own clients.

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