Nashville woman sells chickenpox-infected lollipops for $50 each

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It seems that these days, even the most absurd kind of business ideas can flourish. A mother in Nashville is making it big with chickenpox-infected lollipops by selling them to other parents who want their children to contract the virus. The idea of wanting the children to get chickenpox is not new, as in the past also, some parents have wanted their children to contract this virus earlier on in their lives. Such parents think that making their kids contract the disease can help them develop stronger immunity.

There is a similar concept known as “chickenpox parties”, in which parents get their unvaccinated kids together at the house of an infected child, in the hopes that they will catch the virus too. The concept of chickenpox lollipops also revolves around these same lines, but it is for those people who do not have a chickenpox party going on in their vicinity.

A Nashville TV station showcased the story of the local woman who is charging $50 (including shipping) for a lollipop smothered in saliva by her infected children. She is one of many people who are shipping objects that have been contaminated with the chickenpox virus to people who live too far away to attend a chickenpox party.

There is also a Facebook page dedicated for the purpose. The page is called “Find a Pox Party In Your Area”.

But shortly after the Phoenix story ran, the “pox party” FB page posted a warning:

“The mailing of infectious items, such as lollipops, rags, etc., is a federal offense. This page is not private and can be seen by members and non-members alike. You may post on the page that you have the pox and are willing to share but please keep your specifics in private messages between members. We are all intelligent adults but these guidelines will help protect your privacy. If you’d like to go back and delete your posts about mailing, feel free to do so.”

After this message was posted, people started conducting their business over private messages, as there were no more posts to be seen on the public walls.

Despite the popularity of this business, federal authorities have warned that giving your children such infected materials is “illegal and unsafe”, as children might get other dangerous viruses in the process.

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