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Submitted by Dmitri Davydov on Mon, 2011-10-17 14:26.
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Site X is currently the most popular online design contest marketplace. Like others, it relies on the concept of crowd sourcing in bringing together a pool of designers from all over the world and small to medium-sized businesses, which needs design solutions. While it’s hard not to be impressed with Site X, it’s also hard not to realize that the “design crowd” concept is not exactly an innovation these days - having people work on your designs before you select which designer will get paid has become essentially commonplace.

If we’re going to give this Site X review all the attention it deserves, we’re going to have to judge it based on its own merits and compare how those merits stack up to others. And how does it stack up?

Site X is definitely an invaluable site for anyone trying to start up businesses. The site runs on crowd sourcing – designers compete to win your business. The amount you will end up paying for the winning design (listing fee, 10% of the prize and the offered prize) will usually be cheaper compared to the amount you will be paying for hiring a professional designer, plus you get to see way more variety of designs.

Money-Back Guarantee. This feature is available if you opted for holding a regular contest. With any regular contest, if you do not like any of the submitted designs, you have the option not to choose choose one and you get your money back.

Easy To Use. The project creation area for contest holders is very intuitive and quite simple and user-friendly. One nice feature I like is how it gives you an estimate of the expected number of submissions based on the budget you entered.

How Many Samples Should You Expect?
Huge Pool of Quality Designers. Crowd sourcing is not crowd sourcing without a crowd. If there is one thing particularly impressive with 
Site X, it is that you get a lot of designer participation. Site X has a HUGE pool of actively participating designers, many who are quite good In fact, a guaranteed prize contest can have as much as 1100+ entries. This in itself beats paying one overpriced in-house designer.

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