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These days, in the mobile world, mobile apps are big and getting bigger. Something, however, is amiss. Despite the continually advancing number of users who supposedly should be helping app developers pocket some cash they rightfully deserve for their ingenuity and hard work, such is not the case. Enter Apptopia, a new marketplace where mobile app ownership can be conveniently bought and sold, just like on eBay.

If you're an app developer looking to profit from your creation, simply list your app for sale with Apptopia. For bidding to begin, explain what your app is about and pick the site category where it will be featured. If you're a buyer, the company lets you own not just the app but also the code, its users and revenue. The average app normally sells for $7,500, and Apptopia takes a 15% cut off each sale.

According to one of the founders (Jo nathan Kay), Apptopia will be partnering with a company specializing in ratings and reviews, providing everyone with relatable user experience. Further, integration with platforms specializing in analytics, like Flurry and Localytics, will help provide buyers with additional data points. An app valuation tool is slated to become available soon as well.

Apptopia, if successful, hopes to build a platform that helps newcomer developers know the value of their work and avoid making the mistake of selling what they labored so hard for for just a portion of what it's really worth.

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