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For most people, spending time out with friends on a Friday night after a week of work, work, work is the perfect way to unwind. Sometimes, however, a person gets carried away and drinks more than he should.

Chances are your mother - or somebody who truly cares about you - already told you this a couple of hundred times, but let me say it again: If you had too much to drink and are impaired to drive home, better not risk your and other people's safety. It's just not worth it. In the U.S. alone, it is estimated that every year, roughly 12,000 DUI-related deaths and 900,000 DUI/DWI arrests take place.

STEARCLEAR, a free mobile application (available for both Android and iOS) allows you to connect with members of a drive team within your vicinity who then pick you up and do the driving for you. At STEARCLEAR, everything is automated: request, pickup, mileage, fare, payment. With a single touch on your ph one, you get to select a STEARCLEAR team nearby and arrange for a driver to pick you up, and once you're at your destination, with another tap on your phone, you and the driver receive total cost, including tip, on your mobiles. Upon registration with STEARCLEAR, your credit card is registered, too.

If you have company, you can arrange multiple stops along the way, so your friends arrive at their destinations safely as well.

STEARCLEAR drivers are carefully selected and coached. Once a driver is deemed eligible to join, he gets his own phone app that connects him with pickup requests. As of the moment, STEARCLEAR is looking for drivers and drive teams. If you're interested, go to their website and register.

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Daily advice link - Freelancer? We are hiring!