The Easiest Three Grand I Ever Made Online

Submitted by Dmitri Davydov on Mon, 2008-01-28 11:37.
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How I Made Over $3000 From Amazon.Con In Two Days

As you see from the screenshot, I've made over $3,000 from Amazon.Com this month. Actually, I've made 3K in a matter of two days and I'd like to share my 'secret' with you guys. (If you don't know who I am and why I am addicted to affiliate marketing, read this as yet unfinished article about tips and tricks I use to make a very comfortable living online, the only important addition is that Pepperjam's new affiliate network just launched two weeks ago is generating incredible profits, probably due to its innovative new twist on affiliate relationship with vendors, I've made $125 the very first day I signed up, which never happened to me with other affiliate networks)

OK, back to I've noticed that Amazon sells a lot of weird products, like The George W. Bush Voodoo Kit. So I thought - what if I post this on one of the social bookmark sites with my affiliate ID? After a couple of tries, sure enough - my story made it to the top of Reddit. That day I made about $500 in Amazon commissions.

After evaluating the result, I realized that I made a mistake. The post links directly to, so while I get commissions, I don't the traffic. So I miss out on an opportunity to send people to my other sites and to monetize that traffic through means other than

So I created a post on called 10 Things You Did Not Know You Could Buy On Amazon.Com (I've posted identical posts on other sited -, Anxus.Com, Sahio.Com to increase my chances of getting to the top of social bookmarking sites.

Sure enough, I've made it to the top of and then really without any effort from my side. That gave me 100K in unique visitors and additional $2500 ($3000 total). Clearly, I could have continued with the experiment, but I did not want to piss anybody off and making three grands in a matter of two days seemed rather generous anyway.

But if you've never had any luck with Amazon's affiliate program, you may use this approach. Basically, it all depends on how creative you are. Come up with an interesting list (some of my examples - The Real Shit: 10 Shitties Books Ever Written and 10 Coolest Book Titles That Have 'Fuck' In Them) and post it to your favorite social bookmarking site.

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