The Smartest Way To Advertise Online Is Not The Way You Think.

Submitted by Dmitri Davydov on Thu, 2007-06-07 14:23.
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Read read this ad and see if you can resist a temptation of clicking it

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Why did 1,683 Guitarists play 'Smoke on Water'? How did these 10 idiots became millionaires doing stupid things online? Would you like to know why it's cheaper to buy tomatoes in a supermarket than grow your own? Read MadConomist.Com.

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Now, if you clicked any of the links or typed in Madconomist in your browser, let me tell you a little secret. You can write an ad just like the one I just showed you for your site and have it displayed on NicheGeek.Com and Uncommon Business Blog at the bottom of the latest post. It's going to cost you 35 bucks and you can pay with PayPal, credit card, bank wire, check, etc.

Let me give you some numbers. Uncommon Business gets 800-1200 daily readers (weekends being the slowest), plus about 1000 RSS readers (I don't know the exact numbers, as I am too lazy to get a FeedBurner account). As of today, the Alexa rank is 64489, Google's Page Rank is 5 (used to be 6 before the latest Google dance). Uncommon Business is being automatically syndicated by about 200 other blogs and splogs and about once a month somebody "rich and famous" links to one of the post. Last month Seth Godin did.

NicheGeek has more visitors (1300-2000 daily uniques, depending on how good or bad my latest post is), but lower Page Rank (4). The Alexa rank is 34430. NicheGeek makes it to the top of Reddit and Digg two to three times a month (because I have a nifty Drupal plugin that adds vote buttons at the end of each post, I guess). When this happens traffic surges to 20,000-30,000 uniques for about a day or two. Then it gets back to normal. So, don't count on it (unless you are an active Digger).

If you were to order a review on NicheGeek or Uncommon Business through ReviewMe it would cost you 100 dollars and 80 dollars (a combined price of $180). That's because I hate writing. But if you write a short ad yourself (350 characters max), I have no problem charging you only 35 bucks, because all I have to do is to copy it and paste the ad at the end of the post on both blogs (I usually add one post a day to Uncommon Business and one to three posts a day to NicheGeek, the posts are usually different).

So basically I get $35 without doing any hard labor, you get your ad displayed on two popular sites, plus links and SEO benefits, plus clicks, plus eyeballs of other bloggers, plus your ads will get automatically reprinted by sploggers who take RSS feeds and republish content on their sites automatically, without reading it.

Send your ad text (350 characters max, five lines or less) to david AT deprice DOT com AFTER you paid $35 (because sometimes ShareIt takes extra time to verify personal information in order to avoid credit card fraud and can be very picky if you use free e-mail accounts, like Hotmail or Yahoo!Mail).

You can also use contact form on NicheGeek or contact me through my Blogger profile on Uncommon Business Blog.

The first person to take advantage of this offer will get to display their ad three times (or three different ads, if that's desirable).