Top 7 Bitrix24 Reviews

Submitted by Dmitri Davydov on Sun, 2014-01-19 16:20.
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Looking for top Bitrix24 reviews? Here are most popular ones according to Google, Alexa, Yahoo and Bing.

1. Miguel Leiva-Gomez of MakeTechEasier, lists Bitrix24 among top free collaboration tools as number one. His reasons? "Bitrix24 presents a powerful collaborative suite that lets you talk to your clients, manage your documents, stay on top of large projects, and create invoices."

2. UncommonBusiness blog compares Bitrix24 with Jive Software. The main advantages of using Bitrix24 as enterprise social tools, according the review, are free tools that come with it - such as CRM, Project Management, Document Management and others.PC

3. PCMag review Eric Griffith lists Bitrix24 among best free web apps  for small business. This is more of a list rather than a review, but it has a great number SMB centric applications.

4. MadConomist list Bitrix24 as free SmartSheet competitor. As other reviewers, the author likes the fact that you get 12 free users and a number of free tools at your disposal. Other advantages listed are self-hosted edition, source code and API.

5. Rick Broida's review in TechHive is similiar to PCMag - it's titled Get a free shared workspace for your small business. Quote: "It's admirably easy to pick up and use. Anyone familiar with Facebook or LinkedIn won't need a lot of training, if any at all."

6. looks at Bitrix24 as free TeamBox alternative

7. ZDNet reviewer Eileen Brown believes that Bitrix24 challenges Microsoft with the latest release. The post contains interview with Bitrix Inc president Dmitry Valyanov.