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You're bored, really bored. The meeting had been going on for hours and hours now, with no end in sight anytime soon. Unfortunately, you don't have much of choice. Like it or not, you have to see through the ridiculously boring exchange or you won't get a full day's pay. And then you ask yourself, what else can you do to keep your sanity in place? You look at your notes, and there, in the margins of your notepad, you find yourself doodling an awesome eight-legged creature with sharp fangs, an evil-looking grin and scorching red balls for eyes. As the hours slip away, you wonder how different things would be if the creature came to life and scared everyone in the meeting room away.

Sounds familiar?

An up-and-coming gaming company called Grafighters intends to do just that - bring your creatures to life and play with them, in the virtual world, at least. Grafighters is a gaming platform where users can send doodles to fight against each other. First thing you need to do is draw the creature you have in mind on a piece of paper. Using the app provided on Grafighters, you go through an uploading process where you specify the drawing's body parts. If the drawing has a really big head, you get points for intelligence. If it has muscly arms, you're awarded points for strength. If the drawing is tiny and well-balanced, expect some points for speed. Your character's category, like "toughness category" or "intelligence category," will determine its fighting technique the moment it goes into battle.

As of this writing, there are a couple of different environment stages available. There's the Deep Sea Ocean, Ghost Town, London Street, and there's also the North Pole, a Christmas-themed level.

Eric Cleckner and Dave Chenell, the brains behind Grafighters, are looking to launch the app on the iPhone, too, so that your character can be with you wherever you go - Tamagotchi fashion - except that this character is your own creation.

So will your character be breathing fire, or sprouting spikes when mad like a porcupine?

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